San Jose to Jaco-Hermosa Bungalows (From old road)

: Approximate driving time: 1 ½ hours to 2 hours

  • Head west on Highway 1 out of San Jose for approximately 20 minutes until you see a right hand turn with signs pointing you in the directions and the towns of Atenas-Orotina-Jaco (Marriot Los Sueños). (Highway 1 is the major highway that sits in front of the International Airport Juan Santamaria).
  • This right hand turn can sneak up on you and if you are not paying attention you will drive right by it. Be on the look out for the big highway signs.
  • After this right hand turn there is a stop sign. Here you will make a left hand turn onto Route 3. Continue on this main road until it dead ends and you will take a right, more than 30 minutes down the road. You will soon reach the small mountain town of Atenas. After reaching the town of Atenas, the road will follow a dangerous mountain pass. Drive with caution! After coming out of the mountain pass, you will reach the small town of San Mateo where you will take a right and then a quick left before the park.
  • Just up the road you will reach Orotina. Orotina about 30 minutes from and Jaco-Hermosa. If you are hungry, there is a rotisserie chicken restaurant on the right hand side (the 2nd chicken place that you will see is the best!)
  • After passing through the small town of Orotina, be on the lookout for signs pointing you to Jaco and Quepos. There is a right hand turn just outside of Orotina and about 10 minutes later you will come to another right hand turn that is a loop around (there will be signs to Quepos-Jaco). Take this right turn onto Route 34 and continue on this road until you reach the town of Jaco.
  • To continue on to Playa Hermosa, continue heading south for about 5 minutes and you will arrive at Hermosa Beach. Once you arrive in Hermosa, you will take a right hand turn just past the Backyard Hotel on the right hand side and follow this road until you reach Hermosa Bungalows on your left hand side!  You can find the managers in bungalow #17, the 5th on your left hand side of the first entrance.  Ask for Brian Engstrom.

Airport to Hermosa (From new Autopista road)

  • Exit Right lane, turn Right, pass under overpass and take first Right and circle back around onto highway
  • Cross overpass, the airport will be on the left.
  • Follow the sign to San Ramon stay in left lane
  • Look for a red wall on your left Lanco paint factory, you are going the correct way
  • Next watch on your left for HUGE WHITE ROUND storage containers they are marked “Recope,” immediately get into Right lane, take off-ramp, stay in left lane. Take the left turn across the bridge
  • Next (about 3km), watch for a large red and yellow square revolving sign above a building to your left it is a restaurant called “La Fiesta del Maiz”
  • Your next marker is coming up on your right it is “Super La Garita” take the left turn in front of it
  • When you have made the left turn there will be a Soccer Field on the left and a large blue building (a school) on your right
  • Continue forward watch for a large cemetery on the Left
  • Look for a big blue building blue “Malibu” on the Left
  • At the fork in the road go to the Right.
  • Pass “Techno Crash” on the right you will feel you are on a country road
  • You should soon be approaching an overpass
  • Before the underpass for the highway, turn Left and go uphill, going parallel to with the highway on the your right side
  • At the top of the hill is a roundabout, turn Right into the circle take the first right which is your entrance ramp, following signs to “Atenas/Orotina”
  • Follow signs to Orotina  Do Not exit at Orotina, follow signs towards “Caldera/Tarcoles”
  • You will come to a Toll Plaza, pay toll, get in far right lane, take first exit  right to Jaco
  • You will be on this road all the way to Playa Hermosa
  • Pass Jaco, continue road toward Hermosa
  • Get to the Backyard Hotel
  • Right after make a right toward the beach
  • 1km down that road you will see Hermosa Bungalows on your left hand side
  • You can find the managers in bungalow #17, the 5th on your left hand side of the first entrance.  Ask for Brian Engstrom.

Hermosa to Airport

  • From Play Hermosa follow the Pan American Highway until you come to the highway with an overpass, exit right before the overpass onto Highway 27, you will approach a toll booth
  • From this point stay on the highway, take the exit for Turrucares/La Garita 136
  • Circle around back under highway to La Garita (right after sign “Jaco”)
  • Parallel to the highway, go downhill and turn Right
  • Pass “Techno Crash” on the right, pass cemetery on the right
  • At the stop sign, turn Right (you will see the soccer field on your right and “Super La Garita accross the road in front of you)
  • Pass “La Fiesta del Maiz” on your right and the gas station on your left
  • Watch for the airport sign, take a right, following sign to Airport/San Jose
  • 10 km to airport
  • Pass “Dos Pinos” on the right and then Lanco
  • Exit to the right at the sign for airport